Efficient and sustained
H2H Transmission
Here are just a few of the topics covered by Pandemic
Response Manual for Businesses:

-Conducting a Pandemic Risk Assessment
-Company Pandemic Response Phases
-The Influenza Manager
-Office Access Control
-Social Distancing
-Workforce Management
-Managing Illness at Work
-Sickness Response Procedures
-Workplace Disinfection
-Communications Management
-Supply Shortages
-Office Environment
-Staff Training
-Promoting Awareness
-Personal Hygiene Education
-Contact Tracking/Tracing
-Regulatory Compliance
-Public Health Sector Actions
-Communications Tree
-Corporate Travel Policy Guidelines
-Quarantine Room
-Customer Management
-Pandemic Stockpiling
-Use of Disposable Face Masks
-Hand Antiseptics
-Minimizing False Alarms
-Flu vs Cold Differences
-Influenza Screening Flow Chart
-Pandemic Activation by Phases
-Sample Project Timeline
-Awareness Posters
-Report of Recommendations
-Required Lists and Forms
-Pandemic Impact on Business
-Pandemic Quiz
-Management Buy-in Training
-Staff Awareness Training
-Business Impact Analysis

Useful real time map of the spread of the 2019–20 Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak: Click Here.


Over 5000 copies


Pandemic Response Manual Testimonials

Here’s what some of our customers have said…


(Published testimonials are from genuine customers only. Some comments can be construed as being constructive as well as complimentary)

An absolute gem!

I downloaded the manual just a couple of weeks ago and have already got most of my response planning underway. We start the staff awareness training next week. The training handouts made this a breeze.

How did you think up all of this stuff? There are just so many great ideas!

They’ve been running some public service ads on the TV here recently trying to scare everybody into action. It’s working! At least it’s getting the message out.

Sam Waters
Dayton, Ohio

We have 120 staff in our architectural offices here in SA. With all the visitors which come through the doors each day we figured there’d be no way we’d be able to keep the offices sterile when the pandemic takes hold in our area.

The office access controls you suggest should do the trick perfectly.

We’ve aligned the implementation with the local government’s alert response phases. That seemed to make the most sense to us. Thanks again for making it all so logical!

Jan Vanderberg
Durban, South Africa

I originally thought ‘Asian flu’ was just that, an Asian problem. It’ll never come down here, we’re just too far away. How wrong I was! This pandemic got here from south america within days!

What a difference air travel has made to the spread.

It didn’t take me long after that to get the wheels in motion. I consider myself a proactive manager, so there was no hesitation on my part. I suggest the rest of your readers do the same before it’s too late.

Russell Anderson
Auckland, New Zealand

I run the business continuity in a large international investment bank. We needed to produce some “Avian Influenza Preparedness Plans” for the government for our licencing requirements.
I tried researching everywhere but couldn’t find what we needed. Your Pandemic Response Manual helped tremendously, especially the “sickness at work response procedures” section which we were able to append to our own procedures without too much tweaking. Well done and thank you!

Jamie Simpson
New York

Thank you so much!

That’s all that I can say. Not long after Swine Flu first broke we had our first local case. Everybody was panicking and I was told to get some response plans together, fast! I didn’t know what to do! You really saved me!

I haven’t been directly effected but at least I know now it’s all done and what to do.

Adrian Burgess-Smith

I’m the Human Resources Manager for a company with over 750 staff. I didn’t realise there was so much I could do to prepare! You’re right in that this pandemic is a very real human problem, and there was so much in the manual dealing with the humanity of it all. I was so impressed!
Please keep up the great work!

Lizzie Simmonds
Melbourne, Australia

I’ve spent quite some time searching for ideas I can use to get my pandemic response planning underway. I must admit I haven’t made too much progress. There’s quite a lot out there but it’s spread over so many places it would have taken forever to get enough ideas together to get a worthwhile plan in place.
At last someone has come out with something that puts it all into one easy to use package. I knew as soon as I had downloaded and seen the Manual and the attachments I had everything I needed. Good job!

I thought the risk assessment to get things underway was genius! It really put everything into perspective for me.

Ricardo Barretto
Sao Paulo, Brazil

As a risk management consultant based in Tokyo I have used the ideas and solutions you suggest in the manual to help my clients prepare for the pandemic outbreak here. Fortunately the Government in Japan has been very active in pushing business to get their preparedness underway and most Japanese business managers seem to be taking the advice seriously.
We were lucky to have escaped the SARS outbreak here in Japan but we learned some valuable lessons from our Asian neighbors which are helping now.

By the way, thank you for the recent update you sent out. We’ve already introduced an emergency call out tree for our own company for non pandemic related disruptions as well.

Miko Aomori
Tokyo, Japan

I just wanted to say thanks for alerting me to your Manual. As a subscriber to the website I was able to get a lot of great ideas from there, but I needed the templates to help me. They saved me hours of work!
They alone paid for the manual ten times over just on the time they saved me.

Ranjit Patel
Kolkata, India

What a great product you have made! And at such good value too. I’m not sure why you make it so cheap, you could charge a lot more… but then again I’m glad you don’t! Actually you’ve done the business world a great service with your response manual, all we have to do now is pray it fizzles out quickly!!
But I guess that’s kinda like sticking your head in the sand! It’ll be around for a long while.

The Pandemic Response Report Template really helped me the most. There was so much to do it made consolidating it all so much easier. And I got the additional budget I needed!

Michael CP Cheung
Hong Kong

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Not long after Swine Flu first broke we had our first local case... more

As a risk management consultant based in Tokyo... more

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