Efficient and sustained
H2H Transmission
Here are just a few of the topics covered by Pandemic
Response Manual for Businesses:

-Conducting a Pandemic Risk Assessment
-Company Pandemic Response Phases
-The Influenza Manager
-Office Access Control
-Social Distancing
-Workforce Management
-Managing Illness at Work
-Sickness Response Procedures
-Workplace Disinfection
-Communications Management
-Supply Shortages
-Office Environment
-Staff Training
-Promoting Awareness
-Personal Hygiene Education
-Contact Tracking/Tracing
-Regulatory Compliance
-Public Health Sector Actions
-Communications Tree
-Corporate Travel Policy Guidelines
-Quarantine Room
-Customer Management
-Pandemic Stockpiling
-Use of Disposable Face Masks
-Hand Antiseptics
-Minimizing False Alarms
-Flu vs Cold Differences
-Influenza Screening Flow Chart
-Pandemic Activation by Phases
-Sample Project Timeline
-Awareness Posters
-Report of Recommendations
-Required Lists and Forms
-Pandemic Impact on Business
-Pandemic Quiz
-Management Buy-in Training
-Staff Awareness Training
-Business Impact Analysis

Useful real time map of the spread of the 2019–20 Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak: Click Here.


Over 5000 copies

Frequently Asked Questions

Pandemic Response Manual Frequently Asked Questions

Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The following are the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers:


What is the Manual?

The Manual is a downloadable eBook which is much, much more than an eBook! An ‘eBook’ is normally a single ‘PDF’ file, whereas the Manual contains 25 attachments as well as the main PDF file. So, not only do you get the main section which contains all the instructions and tutorials you’ll need to get your business prepared for an Influenza pandemic, you also get lots of attachments which make up the customizable templates, tools etc. which come with the main eBook.


How big is the Manual?

The Manual is slightly under 3mb which takes just a few seconds to download if you have a broadband connection. Longer if you have a slower or dial-up connection.


What kind of programs will I need?

The Manual attachments are in MS Word format. To be able to open the attachments in their original forms you’ll need, MS Word. A copy of each attachment is also provided in PDF format, so if you don’t have the original program you’ll be able to open the PDF version.


Does the Manual get updated?

Yes, the Manual is updated frequently with improvements made to existing sections, and new sections being added. Those who purchase the Manual will receive a notification by email that an update is available and they with be given a link to download the update. Please note future buyers will need to pay for updates, so be sure to buy now and lock in your free updates – for life!


Can I buy a printed version of the Manual?

Yes, the Manual is available as a printed version which can be shipped to you. Cost is US$380 (incl. p&p). If you would like to buy the printed version, please email us. (Sorry sold out)


Is the Manual available in other langauges?

For the moment we’re afraid it’s only available in English. Don’t worry though, plans are to have it translated into all the main world langauges as soon as we can. Purchasers of the Manual will be notified when different langauge versions come out and they can obtain a copy in the langauge of their choice absolutely free.


How much does the Manual cost?

The Manual costs US$380. Right now, the digital version of is on promotion but you’d better hurry. The Manual will return to its normal price very soon. Apologies if the promotion has already finished by the time you read this!


Alright already! How do I buy??

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Return to the sales page and click on any of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons. This will take you to PayPal’s secure payment server. Once you have paid you will receive an email with a link to our secure download page where you can download the Manual directly to your desktop!


It’s that easy!

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Over 5000 copies
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