Efficient and sustained
H2H Transmission
Here are just a few of the topics covered by Pandemic
Response Manual for Businesses:

-Conducting a Pandemic Risk Assessment
-Company Pandemic Response Phases
-The Influenza Manager
-Office Access Control
-Social Distancing
-Workforce Management
-Managing Illness at Work
-Sickness Response Procedures
-Workplace Disinfection
-Communications Management
-Supply Shortages
-Office Environment
-Staff Training
-Promoting Awareness
-Personal Hygiene Education
-Contact Tracking/Tracing
-Regulatory Compliance
-Public Health Sector Actions
-Communications Tree
-Corporate Travel Policy Guidelines
-Quarantine Room
-Customer Management
-Pandemic Stockpiling
-Use of Disposable Face Masks
-Hand Antiseptics
-Minimizing False Alarms
-Flu vs Cold Differences
-Influenza Screening Flow Chart
-Pandemic Activation by Phases
-Sample Project Timeline
-Awareness Posters
-Report of Recommendations
-Required Lists and Forms
-Pandemic Impact on Business
-Pandemic Quiz
-Management Buy-in Training
-Staff Awareness Training
-Business Impact Analysis

Useful real time map of the spread of the 2019–20 Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak: Click Here.


Over 5000 copies

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“A Global Pandemic Outbreak Can Come At Any Time.
Viruses Continue To Circulate And It Doesn’t Require A
Deadly Strain To Severely Impact Your Company Operations.”

Whether it’s Swine Flu, Bird Flu or something completely new, your business pandemic planning needs to be ready NOW for a major and extended disruption.


Before we start, don’t forget to add this page to your ‘bookmarks’ so you can refer back later!


Scientists, doctors and governments all agree, the world has been overdue for a major pandemic as viral strains continue to mix with other seasonal strains, and new ones make their appearance. It has always been inevitable that a virulent and contagious variety emerges and it is now urgent that your company’s pandemic response plan is properly completed and ready to use.


We all saw how the world reacted when Swine Flu burst out of USA/Mexico in 2009. Government reactions in all countries was swift and decisive. Hotels were quarantined, schools were closed, individuals were placed under forced isolation. Imagine if the pandemic had turned out to be the severe one, those kinds of measures would not have been relaxed for months.


You will need to know how to effectively respond when sickness hits your offices and staff evacuate the premises. Employees will be off work due to sickness, caring for others, child care and home quarantine. That is important, so let me repeat it:

Employees will be off work due to sickness, caring
for others, child care and home quarantine

… and this situation will go on for months. A pandemic does not necessarily have to be deadly for fear and panic to grip the media and communities. Expect at its peak up to 50% of staff to be away at any one time. How best to manage the gradual return to normality after? Are you ready for that?

“Managers everywhere are NOW being asked for their
company pandemic plans. Are your’s ready yet?”

Let us show you how…


Like the rest of us you know you need to get an understanding of what a deadly pandemic will mean to your business, even if you haven’t done anything to prepare yet for it. After all, the Swine Flu pandemic didn’t really test the system.


And, like the rest of us, once it does dawn on you, what then?


What are you supposed to do about it?


In 2003 SARS infected about 8000 people, killing a little under 900 worldwide. It lasted about 3 months. Everyone on the planet heard about it and the fear and panic which gripped the affected cities was unprecedented. In Hong Kong, some didn’t leave home for months. Businessess in almost all sectors suffered terribly.


A pandemic which spreads before symptoms show will break all country borders quickly and could bring the same to you too, and indeed may effect every business.


Doing nothing could leave an employer very heavily exposed to litigation if staff infection is traced back to workplace negligence.


The problem is there’s so much stuff on the web covering the pandemic its difficult to know where to start looking.


Finding something usable  is like finding a needle in a haystack. You’ll need to spend hours, even days, trawling the internet for bits of advice here and there, and even then how do you know if you have all the bases covered?


In the end you’ve got to ask yourself, “How much is my time really worth?”. A lot we’d guess. Definitely time better spent forming a response, rather than trawling and endless researching.


“Get Prepared now” and “Don’t wait until it is too late” are what most of our government/NGO websites are saying. None of these give truly practical ideas and solutions as to what business managers should really be doing!


What do we say to the staff? What do we say to the shareholders? How do we reassure our clients that we will have continuity of service?


What if you are asked to report on your business pandemic plans? You know you will be… if you haven’t already…

How do we really respond?

Fortunately there are a lot of things you can do. There are a lot of things you must do. And like a lot of things, once you know how, and provided you have the right tools, you can get it done simply, quickly and cost effectively.


What you need is something ‘turn-key’. Something that’ll give you all the instructions, tools, templates and forms required, and allow you to customize the lot in to your own branding, with your own logo and call it your own!


Something you don’t have to wait weeks to get. Something you can download directly to your desktop

Something really ready-to-go

The Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses is exactly  this. Written by business managers for business managers, it’s full of easy to implement, practical ideas and instructions which you can use to get your response ready. It includes:


   Fully customizable templates
   Step-by-step tutorials
   Practical ideas and solutions
   Easy to implement instructions
   Pre-written customizable procedures
   Tables and charts
   The lists and forms you’ll need
   And much much more


The Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses works for…


   …all sizes of businesses from small to medium to large
   …all types of office and indoor working environments


The Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses has been…


   …successfully used to implement pandemic flu reponse across multiple industry types including banking and finance, transportation, telecommunications, publishing, manufacturing, construction, retailing, consulting, utilities, PR and IT


*All the templates, presentations, forms and procedures which come with the Manual are in MS Word format, with PDF copies of each one in case you don’t have the programs installed on your computer.


With these simple-to-use instructions and accompanying tools you’ll be able to…

  Conduct your own Risk Assessment to analyse your company’s exposure to the four critical components of business operations that are most at risk from an influenza pandemic, namely:
   Suppliers and

Risk Assessment Templates

   Set the triggers for your company’s own pandemic response alerts, and align them with the World Health Organization’s and your local area response phases.


   Choose a Pandemic Control Manager and show them the role they will play in handling the return to normal operations quickly, as staff feel sick at work and others evacuate the premises.


   Implement effective office access controls which keep those infected from unwittingly bringing the virus in to the offices, and what increasing degree of access controls should match the increasing threat alert.

Orange Threat (page 1)


Red Threat (page 1)


Increasing Office Access Control Measures

   Initiate social distancing policies and know what kind of measures you should implement to minimise your staff’s unnecessary contact with others.
   Put into effect your own travel policy guidelines to ensure staff know how to minimize risk to themselves when in an infection-active area and to eliminate passing on infection to your staff when they return.

Orange Threat (page 1)


Red Threat (page 1)


Increasing Travel Policy Guidelines

   Manage a workforce with less to do as business slows considerably, and know how to minimise the cost of absenteeism whilst maximizing the productivity of the skill sets which are available.
   Learn all about managing illness at work as it will mean healthy employees’ refusal to come to the office due to safety concerns. According to the workplace health and safety regulations in most countries they would be well within their rights to do so.
   How to do an on-the-spot diagnosis using the Influenza Screening Flow Chart to minimize false alarms and panic among the staff and avoid unnecessary absenteeism.

Sickness Response Procedures
Influenza Screening Flow Chart

   Update your company’s operating procedures with supplemental sickness response procedures, to officially elevate pandemic response in to company policy. Fully customizable of course!

Sickness Response Procedures
Start of Sickness Response Procedures

   Disinfect workstations should the company’s cleaning contractor be unable to respond due to their own staff absenteeism problems.
   Understand the importance of good communications management and the critical role it will play in keeping the business ticking over. Includes some great ideas in alternate communications channels!
   Thorough staff training is critical. The more the staff know and understand about Pandemic Flu and your company’s response plans the quicker they will return to work.

Flu vs Common Cold Differences Factsheet
Flu vs. Common Cold Differences Factsheet

   There will be a shortage of supplies. The manual will help you to identify what supplies you rely on and how to source alternate suppliers.
   Can your office environment be compromised easily? Will the ventilation systems spread the virus? How about shared crockery and newspapers? What about your visitors? Learn how to maintain office environmental integrity.
   You hear about the need to increase staff awareness, but how do you? The manual comes with lots of great ideas and will show you what the message is which you should get out to all employees. Includes an awareness screensaver.
   Probably the most important thing you can do to keep from picking up the virus is frequent hand washing. The chapter on personal hygiene education comes together with ready made awareness posters. Just print them out and stick them up on the walls – with your branding and logo.

Hand Hygiene Awareness Posters

   What about personal protective equipment? What kind of Face Masks should you get? How many should you get? What’s the best Hand Antiseptic? The manual covers all this and lets you know where you can get the best deals, helping you stretch your pandemic response budget.
   Your government may require you to keep records of who your sick staff have been in contact with. Learn all about it in the contact tracing/tracking section.

Contact Tracing Form
Contact Tracing Form

And the manual doesn’t stop there. It’ll teach you what to expect and how to respond in many other areas too…


   Regulatory Compliance
   Public Health Sector Actions
   Communications Tree
   Quarantine Room
   Customer Management
   Stockpiling Provisions
   Pandemic Flu’s Impact on Business
   Pandemic Response Activities Table

Pandemic Response Activities Table
Pandemic Response Activities Table Template

   We’ve even prepared templates of all the forms you’ll need, so you don’t have to! Customize the:
   Influenza Notification Form
   Sickness at Work Record Form
   Contact Tracing Form
   Emergency Contact Phone List
   Travel Application Form


   The manual even supplies you with a Pandemic Response Report template to consolidate all of your plans, which you can use to get the budget you need and use as a work-in-progress Checklist to keep your activities on track.

Pandemic Response Report Template
Pandemic Response Report Template(page 1 of 13)

   There’s also a pandemic flu quiz to test your knowledge about influenza. It’s designed to test medical professionals, so if you pass you’ll become an expert too!


Plus much, much more…


Even if you have NO experience in business continuity or crisis management, with this extensive assemblage of professionally put together resources, tutorials, templates and tools, you too can learn how to respond with the same techniques the EXPERT CONSULTANTS use!


After all we should know, we are those very same expert consultants using these very same techniques for our big corporate clients!


The Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses (and all of its attachments) was put together by a seasoned team of business continuity planning professionals and experienced crisis managers.


Veterans with over 150 years of business continuity experiences from backgrounds as varied as airport operations, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, publishing, business consulting, medicine and IT.


The Manual is NOT a medical reference written by medical professionals. If you’re a medical professional (or not) looking for what to do from a medical perspective then we’re afraid you’ve come to the WRONG PLACE!


There’s already a lot of information out there on how to tackle the pandemic from a medical perspective.


What there isn’t is an ‘in-the-box’ kit filled with practical ideas and solutions on how to tackle the pandemic from a business continuity perspective.


In fact, having researched extensively online (and offline) ourselves, we’re so convinced there’s no single resource like this out there which comes even close to covering the topics detailed in our Manual, if you can find one, tell us about it and we’ll give you a copy of the Pandemic Response Manual ABSOLUTELY FREE!


It’s great value for money…


How much would you pay for all this great material? To purchase all the tools and templates which come with the Manual from our eShop would cost US$525, and that’s only a small part of what’s in it!


What’s it worth TO YOU to save hours, or days, of your time trawling the internet for what to do, even if you knew for sure that what you found after all that searching would be what you needed to know?

US$800?, US$600?, US$400?
Pandemic Response

We’ve seen business consultancies offering their pandemic planning services for thousands of dollars!

Yes, thousands $$$ of dollars!!!

After all, they are marketing to the big companies with the big budgets. The type of companies that can easily afford it.


Yes, the very same type of companies in fact, which pay us to implement these very same arrangements for them! And it’s NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. You can easily do it in-house!


No, we are keeping the price of the Manual well within the reach of the SMEs, too. The small to medium size enterprises which don’t have the big budgets to pay for top-notch consultants, or which cannot afford to pay the high prices charged by the consultants for products just like this.


Even if you need to buy this for yourself to help you with your job (without your bosses knowing), or for your home business, it’s STILL a small price to pay for the peace of mind of a responsible employer, who knows that when the time comes, they’ll be ready.


And we’d guess that simply because you are still reading this message, it is evident you too are a conscientious and responsible employer, and you too would get your business ready if only you knew how.


Well now you can and you don’t have to spend that much to do it!


You won’t have to spend as much as our recommended retail price…

Well, not for the time being, anyway. Buy TODAY and you can have the
Pandemic Response Manual For Businesses at a massive discount off our recommended retail price!
YES, for TODAY ONLY () you can download our manual for an amazing…

US$39.95 only!

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Oh, did we mention you’ve literally got NOTHING TO LOSE?


That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied with the Manual and attachments, just let us know within the next 7 days and we’ll give you a complete, 100% refund, no questions asked. Remember, that’s…


… Oh, and you CAN KEEP the Manual and all of its attachments.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

See what some of our customers have said…


Our manual has helped thousands of business managers around the world get their staff and offices prepared for the next pandemic disruption. Here’s a graphical representation of just the USA…

Pandemic Planning

“Whether you’re a business manager, human resources manager, general manager, departmental manager or existing crisis manager, you too can benefit from all the information and tools contained in the Pandemic Response Manual for Businesses!”


Here’s what you need to do next…


Claim your promotional discount on the Pandemic Response Manual:


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So let’s get started…



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Still need reassurance?


Read the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Manual in our Manual FAQ.


See our FREE Manual teaser (PDF). Note this teaser is from the ‘old’ manual.

It shows the first few pages of the Manual including a very interesting article on what the pandemic will mean to us all realistically, and why businesses should get on with their preparations without delay.

… and finally… here are a couple of bonus sweeteners to help you decide there’s no better time like the now…


The Manual and the attachment templates are frequently reviewed, revised, improved, and updated as new and innovative ideas and tools are added.




Buy now and WE’LL give you a lifetime of unlimited revisions, updates and tools, totally free of future charges.


We will be charging future customers subscriptions for this so buy now and SAVE a lifetime!


One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our subscribers is “What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and how do you do them?”



Buy now and we’ll also include an explanation of what they are, how to do them, and give you a fully customizable SAMPLE Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire Template! FREE!


Designed for business continuity planning in general, it will help you to establish a cost-to-benefit analysis and help you secure the funding you require to get your pandemic readiness activities completed.

Extra Savings US$50!

To your successful pandemic preparedness planning!


Nigel Thomas
Managing Director


PS. If you want to take full advantage of the most extensive resource of pandemic planning and response for businesses in existence… if you are ready to stop paying overpriced consultancy fees, the only way you can do it is to learn from those who have already done it.


Don’t get me wrong, even with all the general, impractical advice and tips out there, there still are people who can show you how to get your business prepared, if you’re willing (or able) to pay for it.


Remember though, no other company gives you the instructions, forms, templates and materials you’ll need at such great value, and allows you to customize the lot in to your own branding, with your own logo and call it your own!


You just can’t beat the value. Get started today!

Pandemic Response
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